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Geomancy Services

Most trusted Geomancer by business owners

With decades of metaphysics experience under her belt, Master Joyce Ong has been practicing fengshui for the past 20 years helping clients to achieve breakthroughs in their lives whether is it in their career, love life, wealth or health.

Master Joyce is known for her personable personality in making her clients feels comfortable to share their problems with her and for her to be able to give good fengshui advices whether it is based on their bazi, yearly luck cycle or their house fengshui.

Feng Shui Onsite Assessment

Feng Shui Direction, renovation advice and coulour Scheme, location and placement of stove, location of bed, suitable rooms for family members, family members Bazi Analysis, auspicious renovation and move in date

Bazi Consultation, Ziwei Dou Shu, Power of number consultation

five elements, day master, 10 year luck cycle, career health, love, wealth

Yearly Luck Consultation

Month to month consultation, things to take note and avoid

Auspicious Date Selection

move-in date for a new house, renovation dates, wedding dates including ROM, Guo Da Li and An Chuang, business opening date

Baby Name Selection

1. Bazi, Ziwei Dou Shu, Power of Number Reading
2. Chinese Characters and suitable strokes provided

Floor plan analysis

“Master Joyce is my dedicated fengshui master for the last 10 years from career advice to the fengshui of each and every house that I have lived in. She is also the fengshui master of many of my associates of my real estate team.  Thank you Master Joyce for all the advice provided all these years.” Rex Tan